Features overview

Learn about tarot

This section of the app is dedicated to learning more about tarot through augmented reality. Augmented reality means that you are able to place digital objects in real-world environments. There are two main subsections of this feature:

  • Place spreads – placing spreads allows you to see some of the most popular tarot spreads in augmented reality.
  • Scan cards – if you scan any of Fantome’s cards you can learn more about the card’s meaning and the symbolism behind it.

My journal

This section of the app is there to help you keep a digital journal of your readings. You can create quick entries and store them in your app.

My collection

This section of the app is there to help you manage your collection of decks. You can create quick entries and store them in your app. If you are also selecting the decks from your collection when you are entering items into your journal the app will also show you how many times you used a specific deck.

Roadmap overview

Future features

  • Dark/Night mode – The ability to switch the app from day mode to night mode so it bothers my eyes less at night.
  • Multilingual – Add more supported languages in the app.
  • Mass upload of decks – Import an excel sheet of decks to add them into your collection in mass.
  • Journal analytics – Seeing general information in a certain timeframe (like which decks are you using most, what cards are coming up the most,…)
  • Add more spreads – I’ll add additional spread into the learning section called “Place spreads”. Voice record in journal entry – In the journal entry section, I will add an option to create a voice recording of your interpretation.

Feature voting

Help me prioritize what should be done first. Fill out the bottom form or click this link to vote on features. You do need to log in to vote. The reason why login is required is because this way you will get a copy of your answers via email. This copy also has a link to re-edit your answers if your priorities change or if I add new features to vote on.

Feature suggestions

Help me understand what else you would like to see in the app. Fill out the bottom form or click this link to suggest new features. I’ll be reviewing the suggestions on a regular basis and add the ones that are possible to implement to the feature voting section.

Will this app work on my phone?

Certain features in this app require smartphones that can support augmented reality. The augmented reality features are supported on these Android and iOS devices.

La Muci Tarot AR app availability

Supported stores

Right now, the La Muci Tarot AR app – the companion app for the Fantome Tarot Deck – is available on Google Play and App Store.

Supported devices

In regards to supported devices:

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